There is no denying the fact that our rich natural resources are dwindling rapidly day by day. Wild animals are recklessly killed for their various products. There has already been a warning signal that animals like tiger would be vanished from our planet if we do not take appropriate measures at this juncture. A great threat is poised to the existence of wildlife. Majority of recent extinction of plants and animals have been due to man's interference. Therefore, the concern for wildlife is concern of man himself.
Ever since the introduction of wildlife in the academic curriculum of Veterinary Science, there has been an avid interest about the wildlife among the student community. Simultaneously, it has expanded the horizon of employment opportunity for the students other than their traditional jobs. Although, veterinarians have been restricted their activities to the health care of wild and zoo animals, the need of the hour, however, is to expand their involvements in other branches of wildlife science. In fact, they should play a cohesive role in the gamut of wildlife including wildlife biology, conservation and man-animal conflict. Therefore, there is a need of thorough understanding of the subject in the present perspectives.
With this background frankly speaking there is no dearth of books and sites on wildlife. Every year people from various sections have poured their knowledge in the arena of wildlife through different forms such as new research findings, writing of books and awareness programmes by socially sensitive organizations. Books and sites available in this field either have been written primarily on game purpose or they are purely meant for the requirement of academic interest. However, looking at the science wildlife so vast and varied in nature, it is a herculean task for an author to incorporate entire aspect within limited pages of a book. Therefore, an effort has been made to incorporate the information on wildlife in such a way so that it serves the purpose of wide readership.

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